The Safely Somewhere Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide financial assistance with the cost of assisted living for underfunded or uninsured individuals during the Arizona Long-Term Care System application process.

We seek to reduce the financial burden arising from an extended hospital stay by partnering with the healthcare community to assist with a safe and timely patient discharge.  Additionally, we serve as an active liaison to help locate and finance suitable housing options for patients who are no longer able to live independently and require different levels of medical care.

We provide directly accessible funds to the healthcare community to help pay for patient long-term care. We raise funds through various efforts, including charitable contributions from private and corporate donors, fundraising, grant seeking, dollar matching, and our give-back program.

Our work is guided by the understanding that patient advocacy needs to encompass the full spectrum of care with focus on physical, familial, emotional, mental, and financial health. From this perspective, we are able to maximize the efforts of our healthcare partners and help at-risk patients locate individualized care in a safe and secure assisted-living environment.

Core Values 



The foundation from which all of our actions begin.


Trust is given, but it is kept through our actions.  We always do what is right for the client.


Patient advocacy is OUR responsibility.

How we do it



With generous support from people like you, we are able to provide charitable funding to those seniors that are unable to afford the high cost of assisted living.  Assistance from the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) will support our seniors long term, but with funding from donations, we will be able to bridge the gap between application and approval of ALTCS.



In addition to providing funding for Assisted Living related expenses, grants will allow us to bring on ancillary services such as legal support for ALTCS approval, fiduciary services, grant writers, and social services.


The Safely Somewhere Foundation gives back to the community by setting aside a portion of incoming funds for assisted living related costs.  Once the operating budget is met and associated costs are paid, everything above and beyond is deposited into a charitable contributions account to help the community.