The Safely Somewhere Foundation was established in response to a growing number of individuals seeking treatment at health care facilities, were deemed unsafe to live on their own, and needed to be in a long-term care environment.  Some were able to afford the cost while others were not.  Having the 501(c)(3) accreditation enabled us to establish a fund that addressed this underfunded population.  

Current programs include senior placement services and the Giving Back Program. Senior placement services include the location, evaluation, selection, and placement of the individual needing long-term care services. The Giving Back Program involves the donation of charitable funds to fully qualified persons in need of funding for long-term care related costs ranging from transportation to room and board at approved long-term care facilities.

The Safely Somewhere Foundation was established in August 2014 and has assisted over 2300 individuals and families with placement services. Since the inception of our Giving Back Program in September of 2015, we have successfully aided over 270 individuals with long-term care related costs totaling over $104,000. The synergy of both funded and underfunded clients allows us to help everyone needing long-term care services through the programs that we offer.



  • Successfully assisting all referred individuals and their family members with placement services or home-based services, whichever is deemed appropriate based on the needs and resources of the individual
  • Ensuring timely and safe discharges of patients needing long-term care services from health care facilities for both funded and underfunded individuals
  • Successfully helping qualified applicants with long-term care related costs until approved on Medicaid or VA assistance
  • Doubling the number of underfunded individuals helped this year (approximately 140 people)

Core Values 



The foundation from which all of our actions begin.


Trust is given, but it is kept through our actions.  We always do what is right for the client.


Patient advocacy is OUR responsibility.

How we do it



With generous support from people like you, we are able to provide charitable funding to those seniors that are unable to afford the high cost of assisted living.  Assistance from the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) will support our seniors long term, but with funding from donations, we will be able to bridge the gap between application and approval of ALTCS.



In addition to providing funding for Assisted Living related expenses, grants will allow us to bring on ancillary services such as legal support for ALTCS approval, fiduciary services, grant writers, and social services.


The Safely Somewhere Foundation gives back to the community by donating a portion of private pay referral fees back into our charity fund. If the funds are available, they are distributed to licensed facilities in good standing with the Department of Health in order to subsidize fully qualified persons in need of funding for long-term care related costs.